Need an event planned? From small to large Erykah Chanel can help make your vision a reality while also thinking of all the little tedious details in between that will save you headaches. And with her connections with various vendors she will help keep that budget low!

Types of events/Projects

  • Workshops/Seminars sessions

  • Conference

  • Fashion shows - the whole show and or certain aspects of it

  • Gala’s

  • Food gatherings (brunch, lunch, dinner)

  • Fundraiser


Working with the Lovely ERYKAH was an amazing experience. As we had our 1st ever Creative Exhibited called 3Up Ms ERYKAH played multiple rolls other then a model for many designers. ERYKAH took on the roll as Lead Model guiding and supporting over 25 models. ERYKAH lead practices also help local clothing line LifeAfter Clothing with their set and fashion experience. ERYKAH is a woman of all trades and has a very bright and promising future as a Modeling mentor and choreographer.