(Defined - A person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment)

We all have personal & business matter to attend to on a daily bases and sometimes it get the best of us. We lose focus, track of time & sometimes the big picture becomes blurred. But even with these distractions and other things going on we still must find away to stay focused and work on task’s that will overall get us to accomplishing our goals!

EC is here to help you stay focus, see things through a different perspective and hit your goals pertaining to your personal and or business life!

You want someone who is going to listen, be honest, help you organize and break task down, be reliable, flexible & help you stay on track.

Kevin Boyette of Black Health and Wealth Show answers

What Is An Accountability Partner Part 1:

Why we need an accountability partner?

How to find an Accountability Partner?

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