The Beauty Behind The Hustle

The Beauty Behind The Hustle

Erika Gethers  Entrepreneur/ CEO More Than Jus A Pretty Face

Erika (Erykah) Chanel Gethers is here to serve soloprenur & creatives with their business needs.

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A Cambridge, Ma resident. EC graduated from Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School - Technically Arts program with a Graphic focus. Followed by Newbury College receiving my Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant & Service Management. I have taken countless event planning, social media & business planning workshops. The creator & founder of More Than Jus A Pretty Face, an umbrella company with multiple departments that focus on my many passions. The company name stems from my modeling years and not wanting to be looked upon as just “eye candy” and showing that I am a multi talented entrepreneur.

A Beauty & Hustler blog is for Self - reliant Boss Ladies wanting more out of life & their business! Allowing women to showcase their inner beauty outside through the many talents they have been blessed with! This hub was create to read, discuss, share and cultivate ideas that we often think but rarely talk about. 

Sunday through Thursday, I’m a full-time Associate Director of Community Activities specializing in Dementia residents.  Monday through Friday evenings along with the weekends I hustle wearing multiple hats (as I am sure we all do) . I produce FAME (Featuring Ambitious Models & Entrepreneurs) a charity fashion experience, Photographer, Model Mentor, Website designer, Event planner, Business consult/ Accountability partner, Model & Content creator. And every hour outside of that, I’m being a daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend & support system for my loved ones.

 Stick around, Comment, Connect & hope you enjoy!

Xo, EC

10 Random Facts

  1. I love me time

  2. I have a online shopping problem

  3. I enjoy most white wines, limited red & love me a good patron margarita!

  4. I love having parties by myself and or with limited friends

  5. I not afraid to invest my own money in me and my ventures

  6. Turquoise is my happy color

  7. Some of my favorite foods- broccoli salad, cheeseburgers, teriyaki chicken, breakfast, censor salad, salmon, pickles, mussels to name a few

  8. I am proud of my siblings & how creative we all are! Thanks mom : )

  9. I find beauty in simple things

  10. I love reading

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